McDonalds Youth Duathlon Race Rules



On registration you will be issued with an Entry Confirmation which you must bring with you on race day.

  1. Race age colours will be supplied on presentation of your Entry Confirmation. Competition shirts must be collected from the McDonald’s tent once you have your Race age Colour on your right wrist.
  2. All competitors must wear their competition shirt and Age Colour attached to their right wrist
  3. Only competitors are permitted in Transition Area.
    Supporters and parents must stay out to avoid congestion and confusion. Entry is by Race Age Colour only. You may remove your cycle at the end of the last event or when advised by Transition Marshalls.
  4. No assistance is allowed from family or friends during
    the event. Course Marshalls only will provide directions
    and assistance.
  5. Course Marshalls will be easily identifiable and positioned throughout the course to guide you. You must obey
    their directions.
  6. The decision of the Race Director on all race matters is final.
  7. For running, suitable footwear must be worn. For cycling you must have your approved helmet fastened securely and wear protective footwear.
  8. All cycles must have standard pedals. Aerobars are
    not permitted.